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Gen IV 1000 Series Braten Original Grill

Raising the Bar for Backyard Grills: Wood Fire Cooking

You can now get a outdoor grill that is heavy-built, long lasting and versatile enough that you can produce exceptional grilling, smoking, southern style bbq, western style bbq, and Argentine style grilling.

We all love our food cooked over a wood fire (it's our caveman instincts)—the problem is most grills can't take the heat of burning wood. The Braten is your grill for wood fire cooking. The coal grates are made from 3/8" solid steel, and it is sized right to take whole logs. If you prefer to use charcoal, the Braten will work just as well.

Photo by David Laucirica.

Built with Excellence, Built for Longevity

The Braten is engineered to last. In fact we tell our customers, "Take care of this; you can pass it down to your grandkids."

That's because every detail is thought out for longevity. 1500 degree powder coating—our competition in this scale uses paint. 10 gauge .1345" thick steel body—check the thickness on yours! Heavy duty cast aluminum wheels, Not to mention a 2000 lb. stainless steel aircraft cable, UV resistant coating on the handles, stainless steel fasteners on the aluminum, stainless steel calibrate able thermometer, steel body hinges with naval brass pins honed for smooth operation, and the list goes on.

How Engelbrecht Handles Wood Fire Cooking

Every time you fire up an Engelbrecht grill, expect the coal grates to exceed temperatures of 1000 degrees. This would be brutal for most grills, as these temperatures can deform or melt steel.

The solution is mass, to absorb and transfer the heat. Just like the fire boxes on an old steam locomotive, the 3/8" solid steel coal grates and 10 gauge body are built with more mass to withstand the heat, ensuring its survival. They're heavier than anything you'll find in a box store, and the difference is longevity.


  • External Grill Dimensions: 67"H x 30"D x 55"W
  • 29" x 17" Cooking Grate
  • Heavy Duty, 10 ga. Thick, Fully Welded Body
  • Steel Body Hinges with Naval Brass Pins Barrels Honed and Faces Sanded for Smooth Operation
  • Stainless Utility Shelf with Stainless Steel Hardware and Pins, Brushed Finish
  • 3/8" Steel Rod Cooking and Coal Grates
  • Stainless Steel Calibrateable Thermometer
  • Fully Adjustable Lower and Upper Damper
  • Stained and Turned Wood Handles with UV Resistant Clear Coating
  • Main Wheels are Cast Aluminum with Urethane Tread and Roller Bearings
  • 3/8" Solid Stainless Steel Cooking Grate Standard
  • Top Loading Firebox
  • Designed for Easy Ash Cleanup


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Your grill can also be picked up from our Paxton, Illinois facility, contact Engelbrecht Grills and Cookers for details. Please contact us for shipping outside the mainland US.

Gen IV 1000 Series Braten Original Grill

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We have had our grill for about a year and wouldn't trade it for anything else!

You can cook steaks on any commercial grill, but I don't think you could get the "presentation" value and I don't think I would hold a commercial grill at 550 degrees for any length of time.
-Larry Hustedt

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