Corona or Covid

I don't care what it's called. I just want to get to a day where it doesn't get spoken of again. 

There's always going to be issues to overcome and challenges that test us. But this one, f**k this one. We started this thinking in two weeks we were done. Then a month. Then maybe by July we would be clear. Now we're talking maybe sometime next year. 

But just like other business' we have employees, customers, people that we need to take care of. We have to keep the chain moving somehow. In some way keep the gears turning after more wrenches have been thrown in it than Snap-On can make.

As I write, we are behind on 380 some grills. We make batches of 300 then that gets broken into sub-batches of 40. If everything was running smoothly, we can build 40 grills a week. If everything was was working, 380 doesn't seem like that bad of number to overcome. But that's where the perfect storm comes into play. 

If at any moment, anyone gets sick or tests positive, they can't be here. If their kids get sick, they can't be here. If they've been in contact with someone that's been positive, they can't be here. And that's just now. When everything was shutdown, no one could be anywhere. Plus, we rely on outside vendors to supply us material, whom are also going through the same staffing issue. 

The other thing, everyone that was sitting at home ordered a grill. A fantastic problem to have. We're somewhere around 6x the order volume. A great problem to have. Except when we have staffing and material ordering issues. Then it's a real problem. 

We're getting better at adapting with corona or Covid (I really don't care what it's called). The gears in the machine seem to be spinning  -ish. But it really is a day by day thing. We could have a really good week and crank out 40 grills. Then the following week for whatever reason the chain breaks. And I cannot emphasize the sarcasm enough to say how fantastic it is to go from everything running, to shut down without notice.      But we still keep pushing to overcome this. I tell people in the shop that we're only truly non-productive when we're just standing around. So find something to build while we figure out how to get grills shipped. 

To our customers; thank you. Thank you for being understanding that we are all dealing with our own challenges to overcome. Thank you for being a positive push. Thank you for sticking with us. We will all get through this together. Then after this has passed, I never want to hear about it ever again. 

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