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1000 Series Rotisserie Insert 1000 Series Grill Cover. 2000 Series Braten Grill Campfire Grill Official Engelbrecht gear in the accessories store 2000 Series Masonry Grill
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You don’t simply get considered one of the best grills in the world by chance.

It takes the right materials, the right processes, and the craftsmen to put them together.


We build wood fired grills that will allow you to express your creativity in your cooking. We invite you to explore our American made grills and invite you to find out yourself why Engelbrecht Grills has become known for their quality worldwide.

As soon as we unpacked the Bratten 1000 Grill with the Argentine Grill Insert, I realized that, at least to me, an important piece of information was missing from the website. The website shows terrific design and functionality and it talks about the quality of the materials used. But it doesn't say anything about the extraordinary quality of the workmanship!

Your welder is an artist and it may be the best powder coating I've seen. Every aspect of the construction and finish is a pure delight. What a wonderful surprise.

-Ross Horowitz