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Tools and Techniques for a wood fired grill

I explain what tools and techniques to use to start your wood fire for grilling or BBQing.

1000 Series Original Braten Grill

You can now get the 4th generation of this wood fired grill that is heavy-duty, long lasting and versatile enough that you can produce exceptional grilling, smoking, southern style BBQ, western style BBQ, and Argentine style grilling.

2000 Series Original Braten Grill

The grand-daddy of them all—almost 8 square feet of cooking space on a stainless steel cooking grate, easily controlled with a turn of the handwheel for the ultimate in heat control. Weighing in at 750 lbs. we can assure you that it's also the most heavy-duty, longest lasting backyard grill on the market.

Wood Selection for Grilling & BBQ

For those whom are beginning wood grilling or bbqing with a wood fire, we discuss wood species, selection, sizing, flavors and aromatics.

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