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Frequently asked


No question isn't worth asking. Here's some answers to common ones we get. Feel free to reach out to us with any others you might be wondering about.

How long does it take to receive my cooker or grill?

Depends on what time of the year it is and how much work we have ahead of us. The campfire grills are normally in stock, however there are peak times in the year (usually from late spring to mid fall) that we go through them quickly. The 1000 series has become so popular that they have been on a lead time since 2011, even though we produce more every year, sometimes doubling the production numbers from the previous year. The 2000 series is treated like a custom built grill and the final weld assembly is taken place one at a time and during less peak times of the year. The lead time for the 1000 series is shown online and is an approximation and does change. When ordering a 2000 you can email or call to ask when we expect it to go into production. Reason being, the 2000 series takes an enormous amount of hours and slugs up production in the shop. Therefore, we have moved production of that model to less peak times.

Please remember this is a handmade item with a focus on quality, not quantity. We do strive to get the orders shipped when they should. But our focus is to give you a grill that will last generations and also cook the way you always wanted. We will never let anything out the door that we feel doesn't show 100% of our abilities as craftsmen. 

How do I take care of it? How easy is it to use?

When you receive your cooker or grill you will be given detailed care and maintenance instructions. But basically, if you use it frequently and clean it after each use and cover it when not in use, your grill will last you decades. Every manufacturer's cooker or grill will require maintenance. However, we have taken long thought to reducing the maintenance required, and what basic maintenance requirements there are, and with some handy-man skills can easily be accomplished by the owner. 

How am I going to receive my item? how is my item going to be shipped?

The 1000 and 2000 series are shipped freight and will be delivered on a lift gate truck to your driveway. The campfire grills are shipped UPS.

Your grill can also be picked up here at our facility. When you order, please make a note that you elect to pick up your grill. Please keep in mind we are not a storage facility. We will charge you shipping at the time of order and if you don’t pick up your grill within a reasonable time, we will ship it. Once you pick up your grill, we will refund you the shipping. 

Can I build the braten campfire grill into an outdoor kitchen?

Yes! In fact, this a very common adaptation for that model. We have a couple recommendations: one is to line the inside of the square base with fire brick. This will protect the steel from repeated exposure to the heat. Also, consider getting the stainless version or the Argentine version. The standard model is intended for campfire use. It is lighter and has a carbon steel cooking grate which will rust if not taken care of. The stainless and Argentine versions have a stainless steel cooking grate which is much heavier than the standard model and will give better searing results and will be easier to maintain being outside all the time. 

What's the difference in the 1000 series standard vs Original?

Simply put, the original has a side firebox and the standard does not. The side firebox is used for low and slow style of cooking or smoking. The vast majority of 1000 series purchased is the Original due to the Original being more versatile.

Can you add a side firebox to the masonry models or turn the Original into a Masonry model?

We’re sorry, but no. During normal function the fireboxes build up tremendous heat. If the firebox was encased in some sort of masonry, the heat would have no place to dissipate. Also, there would be a tendency for someone to cover the top of the firebox with a countertop or make the firebox level with a countertop. A countertop is not normally considered to be hot, there is a chance of someone placing a hand on the hot countertop or mistaking the top of the firebox as a countertop. Therefore safety reigns and alas, no we will not build a masonry model with a side firebox.

Can you put a lid the Braten campfire?

Again, we’re sorry but no. The dimensions are so different that a lid once constructed wouldn’t be practical. 

How do you clean the ash in a 1000 series?

Cleaning is easy. On an Original, put the ash bucket under the lower damper. Open the lower damper fully. Then either use the ash rake and pull the ash out or pull out the coal grate, grab a 1 x 6 scrap wood and push all the ash out the damper.

On the standard and masonry models, put the ash bucket below the lower dampers (located under the grill), open the dampers fully and scrape the ash through the dampers to the bucket below.

How difficult/easy is it to maintain a temperature in the 1000 series for long burns?

Maintaining the temperature is easy once you understand the science to bbqing long smokes. And the science is the same for any grill. You’ve got to take in wind, temperature and moisture considerations in the atmosphere, as well as moisture and temperature of the fuel. Basically if it’s 90 outside and no wind anyone can do it. When it’s 20 outside with a 20mph wind and there’s ice on your wood, it’s going to be more difficult.

Since the grill is built for direct searing, as well as low and slow, there are design challenges. At the end of the day you can’t have it all, but you can still get what you want. There is a hot spot near the firebox and it extends about 8-10”. Utilize the hot spot for hot dogs, wings or finishing ribs. Beyond the hot spot it’s fairly even.

That being said, there is always a hot spot near the firebox on anyone’s horizontal pit. Reason is there are three different types of heat in the grill; convection, conduction and infrared. Even though a pit is baffled, it’s made from steel. The steel that is near the firebox is hotter than the steel away from the firebox, therefore the steel near the firebox gives off more infrared heat. The best smoker for even heat are vertical smokers. But you can’t have a vertical smoker be a good searing grill. So that’s the give and take. Even reverse flow smokers have a hot spot due to the infrared and conduction heat.

The other thing you can do is put a tray under the meat for moisture. When the water evaporates it takes in heat and it’s hard to get the grill over 212 degrees. It also makes the air inside the chamber very dense and transmits heat more efficiently.

Our design is based to merge three different types of grills into one. There’s a lot to play with. It’s also very heavy so it disperses heat better. There are bbq competitions using the 1000 series as well as Bobby Flay cooking on it. In the end, it’s a very good merger of the three cooking styles and its stood the test with some very heavy hitters in the outdoor cooking world. Just play with it to understand it and you’ll do fine.

do you build custom grills?

We can build you a custom grill. However, there is one thing to keep in mind; every item you see here is built in mass quantity. Therefore any custom item is going to take much more time to complete. If the custom grill you want done is of the same basic construction as a grill you see here, you probably won't pay much more. If your wanting to change the overall size of the grill or a major component, that will become very expensive. Expect to pay 3x the cost of a entirely custom made grill than what you see online here. If you are serious, we welcome you to contact us regarding your needs.

What happened to the trailer-mounted models?

Due to the market changing since 2008, we have decided to discontinue the trailer-mounted grills and to focus more energy toward our other grills to satisfy the needs of the majority of our customers.

Why is the sky blue?

Because if it was green, we wouldn't know where to stop mowing.

How can I ship to other countries?

It isn't much of an issue to ship an order to another country. As long as you’re determined and willing to go the extra mile. Shipping to Canada is easier than shipping overseas. There will be duties and some extra paperwork that will need to be taken care of. You can email or call us to discuss options. We have opened online ordering to Canada for the campfire models.

If you plan to ship across the ocean there are a couple things to keep in mind.

A 1000 and 2000 series will need to go inside an export and overseas certified shipping crate, which will run about $500-800.
We will only ship to the port of call in your country. It will be up to you to pay the duties to have your customs release it and your responsibility to get it from the port to your home.
Shipping charges are going to be more than what you would expect shipping within your own country (obviously). For example, a 1000 series that we've recently sent to Europe had shipping charges in the $700-900 range from our dock to their port.
That being said, we have had many customers ship overseas and feel the reward of having their very own Engelbrecht grill in their backyard worth it. It makes quite a story for their friends and family. There are shipping companies all over the globe that will work with you to make this possible. Just expect to pay a little more in getting it there.

What is powder coating and why do other manufacturer's offer paint in this scale?

Powder coating is the application of a dry, powdered coating on the surface. The powder is applied by a spray. The parts are given an electrostatic charge and the powder is given the opposite electrostatic charge. When the dry powder is sprayed, it clings to every nook and cranny of the part. The part is heated in the oven and the powder 'melts' over the part to form a hard, protective coating.

We do not do the coating ourselves and we have worked very hard with the current powder coating company and the powder manufacturer to deliver a far more superior product than paint. Compared to painting, powder coating is more expensive and more labor involved but the results are fantastic and will long outlast paint.

Why do you have wood handles and not steel spring handles?

Odd enough for us, this is a common question. The answer is simple, metal is a great heat conductor, and wood is a poor heat conductor. The steel spring handles you see other manufacturer's use contact the steel on your cooker or grill. The ends of the handles become hot and can burn your hand. The ends of the wood handles also contact steel, but due to them being a better insulator than steel, they will not heat up as easily as steel.

Also, metal is more dense than wood. Your cooker or grill will emit infrared radiation. This will heat up metal and wood handles alike. However, due to wood not being as dense, the heat is not as readily absorbed and transferred back to your hands.

The handles are hard wood with a UV resistant urethane coating protecting them from moisture and the sun. Occasionally due to wear from your hands, the coating will come off. Most hardware stores carry UV- resistant urethane. To repair, just sand the handles and re-coat. We also stock all the handles. If you need replacements, call or email us and we will be glad to help

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