customers bragging

Probably the best part of our job is to receive in hundreds of emails with customers telling us how much they love their grill. But then to top that, to tell us about the experience, to cook on a wood fire and the new textures, flavors and aroma. They tell us about being able to play, to try new techniques they haven't been able to before. Thank you to all of you that have shared with us your stories.
Last year I purchased one of these grills in anticipation of building an outdoor kitchen. It didn't happen as planned so I gave it to my daughter for a house warming present. I built the kitchen this year and asked her if she was making good use of the grill or would she like something else as I needed one for the kitchen. She told me she loved the grill and I would never get it back. So I purchased another grill from you and borrowed hers for a party for about one hundred people to celebrate our 60th birthdays and a 20 year anniversary. The grills worked great all night and people were thrilled with the food and the esthetics of the configuration. I am now back to one grill and I know it misses his twin. Thanks for the great products and excellent service


Jason, Bellevue, WA

Cooking Brazilian on spades, and mediterranean seafood in my Braten 1000.

Miguel, Doylestown, PA

I seasoned the grill after we installed it and then the next day we smoked a shoulder for our annual Halloween party. We had a great time camped out in the yard all day and everybody was oohhhing and ahhing over your creation. Thanks. Now I see why there aren't too many folks out there fabricating grills that can burn wood. What a work of craftsmanship!

Sean, Pacifica, CA

I just thought thought that you might like to know that, even after three years, the Honeymoon with my Braten 1000 is still going strong. I have included a photo of last weekends feast.

David, Scituate, MA

I was finally able to come up for air last weekend and got the Braten seasoned and ready to go. I haven't cooked with the side box yet, but the grill system worked out great. I threw a few steaks on and had some folks over for the Braten's official christening. They were blown away. Apparently my father-in-law wouldn't stop talking about it down at the local watering hole. ...My wife already has the menu planned for this weekend.

David, Scituate, MA

As soon as we unpacked the Braten 1000 Grill with the Argentine Grill Insert, I realized that, at least to me, an important piece of information was missing from the website. The website shows terrific design and functionality and it talks about the quality of the materials used. But it doesn't say anything about the extraordinary quality of the workmanship! Your welder is an artist and it may be the best powder coating I've seen. Every aspect of the construction and finish is a pure delight. What a wonderful surprise.

Ross, Ithaca, New York

I just thought thought that you might like to know that, even after three years, the Honeymoon with my Braten 1000 is still going strong. I have included a photo of last weekends feast.

Danny, Davenport, IA

Words can't begin to describe how much we have been enjoying the Braten 1000, it was worth the wait!

Mark, Starkville MS

We love the grill - and we use it at least once a week. Thanks for the great products!

Tom, Gloucester, MA

Had to show you what a cooked !!!!

Rich, Succasuna, NJ

I love this grill! I'm from California originally and this is the only way we grill outstanding chicken or beef... I was going to self up one of my own design until I found yours, much easier to just bolt together.... :) I slow cooked these wings for about 2 hours, super juicy and crispy.

Steve, Pinckney, MI

Letting the younger generation learn to grill on our wood-fired Engelbrecht in northern Michigan!

Maness & Holt Family Huffman Lake, Michigan

I recently bought the original 1000 series grill and accessories for my husband for Father's Day. My husband was able to find a local dealer of different wood chunks so he's been having fun learning his new grill; the difference cooking with wood chunks in addition to hardwood charcoal as well as how the different woods flavor the meat. Meanwhile, the first bite of chicken I had (done with applewood) was UNBELIEVABLE. When we first spoke, you described meat cooked over wood as addictive as 'crack' and now I understand. While we have never had a gas grill and my husband, Bob has always used hardwood charcoal (and sometimes wood chips in addition), the use of big chunks of wood is transformational to everything he's cooked so far this summer. Our grill has also become somewhat of a conversation starter among our friends and it's been fun to open up others to the difference cooking over real fire. Bottom line, my husband is happy and, despite the expense, the grill was worth every penny. I wish you much success with this excellent product.

Stephanie, Mountainside, NJ