Braten Campfire Argentine Grill

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Bring Western-Style BBQ Wherever You Go For Wood or Charcoal Cooking

Get the ultimate in heat control over a wood or charcoal fire with the Braten Campfire grill. This Braten Campfire grill is portable enough to easily carry and fit into a SUV or small truck fully assembled. Or disassemble it in 15 minutes and it can fit into most car trunks. Many have incorporated this grill into a masonry design, or use as a drop in or backyard campfire grill. This model and the stainless Braten campfire is recommended for masonry inserts. 

Same Great Features as the 1000 Series Braten Argentine Grill

The cooking rack adjustment is unique to the Braten series—elevate and lower the grate with the winch using our ingenious ratchet and cog design. The cooking grate itself is the same 29" x 17" solid stainless steel cooking grate like the 1000 series insert that will give you awesome grilling results. The base is made from 12ga. steel and is powder coated.

Overall size is 24" deep x 39" wide and 39" tall. It's sized right for a whole log fire or the cooking rack can be lowered to 6" off the ground for grilling with charcoal.

The cooking grate is pitched at a slight angle to allow the grease that falls into the channels to run into the stainless drip tray.

This item comes in a 36" x 24" x 12" box and requires two 7/16" wrenches, one 1/2" wrench, and 15 minutes of time to assemble.

Stand shown in photos is not included. 


  • Overall grill dimensions including hand wheel: 39" high x 39" wide x 24" deep
  • Cooking grate: 17" deep x 29" wide, has the shape if V and set at a slight angle for the drippings to flow to the drip tray.
  • Comes with the stainless drip tray and cooking grate cleaning tool
  • Base is made from heavy duty 12ga. steel
  • Cooking grate adjusts from 6" from the ground to 28"
  • Shipping weight is 78lbs.
  • Cooking grate can easily support 50lbs. of food.


This grill will be shipped via UPS Ground from the manufacturer in Paxton, IL. Shipping charges will be calculated upon checkout.

Masonry Install

The ideas for building this grill into a masonry structure seem to be endless. But a simple installation is making a well 24.25" x 33.25" x 4" deep and setting the grill into that well. If the well you're building will be greater than 4" deep, the width of the well should be increased to 35.5".The steel base should be lined with firebrick. Outside of that, check the galleries here for ideas or come up with your own unique plan. We do recommend the stainless or Argentine versions of the Braten campfire for outdoor installs.