The benefits of working in a grill manufacturing shop. 

Chunks of pork shoulder. Lightly seasoned with seasoned salt and black pepper. Smoked with apple logs for two hours at 275. Then seared to crisp the bark. Topped with the flavor of the day sauce (it's a random pick, we try a variety, today was a Carolina style sauce). Then close the vents and lid. Let sit away from the fire for 1/2 hour to bake the sauce. With the vents and lid closed the temp raised to 375. Which is what I want. Heavy wood smoke at the end for the aroma and to slightly caramelize the sauce. All done with an offset fire inside the cooking chamber. 

Simple but we like it. Hopefully there's enough for us. 12lbs of meat. It'll be close.


For those interested. We have an Original 1000 series we use. Built 9/18/2015. We never sent it off for powder coating. Which now means it has a nice iron oxide patina covered in grease. (shoe cobbler has the worst shoes) We use it three or four times a week to make lunch. It's made a lot of lunches with very little cleaning. Maybe someday we can scrape it off for a photo moment. 

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