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Gen 5 1000 series

Our flagship grill is going through more changes. The Original Brat...
Gen 5 1000 series

Our flagship grill is going through more changes. The Original Braten 1000 series is the multiple award winning grill that is used by celebrity, professional and backyard chefs. It has been in production for 16 years and has gone through four generations. Each generation we look back and wonder how can we build it better.

The Gen 4 revisions focused on customer feedback. Alongside that, for the past 15 years we've done our own testing on the 1000 series. For our own testing, every person that works here has a 1000 series at their own house to use personally. We cook lunch on one here every day (except intense weather days), another one here only cooks occasionally during the summer and another other cooks occasionally throughout the year and is cleaned regularly. The three test grills, and the grills used personally, allow us see how each react with varying levels of use and maintenance. The one here that was built in 2015 that cooks lunch gets abused. As in we are the worst owners of one. We never sent it for powder coating so it can sit outside. Plus to top that, it of course is always full of ash that we only clean out when we can't get air to the fire. Maybe once a year we fully clean it out. Frequently we just let it go into a grease fire to burn it off. I should also mention you shouldn't do any of the previous mention if you plan on keeping yours around for awhile. But, we wanted to see what absolute neglect would do while it was in use. It looks rough now, mostly because it was never powder coated. But it is coated in grease and smoke. However, it still functions the same as a new one. We'll continue to use it everyday until we can't. But at it's current pace, it'll easily last another 7 years of abuse.

I should also mention the test grills and the grills used personally are all in Illinois. For grill testing in other regions, we rely on working relationship with verified customer feedback. 

Aside from the humid salt air in the gulf, the midwest does see the same test results as the other regions. Humidity and maintenance are key aspects. The salt air didn't see much change if maintenance was done. Same with the pacific northwest. Just like everything else, maintenance is key. And use, the grills used regularly last the longest, but they're getting this nice layer of animal grease on them. Also, yes, folks in the desert have the gravy train. I've seen grills there that are 12 years old, kept under an awning that look brand new. But I've also seen engines there sit outside for 80 years that aren't stuck. 

Before I get to the next topic I know people are going to ask about why we didn't see much change with humid salt air. Reason is we use salt in cooking (most forget that during evaluation). Unless, your grill is getting dumped in the ocean during a hurricane and later dredged out (has happened, three times to one grill). 

The one thing that would effect the rate of corrosion is wet ash which makes lye and it is very corrosive. Then add intense heat cycles and the rate of corrosion increases. Which is why cleaning the grill is important. However, the Gen 5 version will be built to easily service the corrosion. 

We've built thousands of the Original Braten 1000 series. We've always had the focus that this grill has the ability to become a heirloom. And in the thousands of more grills to come, that focus will remain the same. 

The next generation will focus on making the 1000 series more versatile by adding more accessories. The other focus is increasing the longevity and serviceability. The looks will vary slightly from the gen 4 version. The size will remain the same. There will be a slight increase in functionality. Right now, we are not going to say what exactly those changes will be. And no you cannot get a sneak peek. Final prototypes are being worked on right now. Once the prototypes work out the way we expect, we'll quickly go into production with them. Right now I expect preorders to start shipping in April.

To preorder a Gen 5 version, you can order a Gen 4 online and in the note section enter your request for a Gen 5. Your order will go into a build list and ship once completed. 



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