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Still Going Strong

I just thought thought that you might like to know that, even after three years, the Honeymoon with my Braten 1000 is still going strong. I have included a photo of last weekends feast.

David Laucirica | Scituate, MA

Life of the Party

I seasoned the grill after we installed it and then the next day we smoked a shoulder for our annual halloween party. We had a great time camped out in the yard all day and everybody was oohhhing and ahhing over your creation. Thanks. Now I see why there aren't too many folks out there fabricating grills that can burn wood. What a work of craftsmanship!

Sean Woods | Pacifica, CA

Unbelievable Flavor from Wood-Fire Grilling

I recently bought the original 1000 series grill and accessories for my husband for Father's Day. My husband was able to find a local dealer of different wood chunks so he's been having fun learning his new grill; the difference cooking with wood chunks in addition to hardwood charcoal as well as how the different woods flavor the meat.

Meanwhile, the first bite of chicken I had (done with applewood) was UNBELIEVABLE. When we first spoke, you described meat cooked over wood as addictive as 'crack' and now I understand. While we have never had a gas grill and my husband, Bob has always used hardwood charcoal (and sometimes wood chips in addition), the use of big chunks of wood is transformational to everything he's cooked so far this summer.

Our grill has also become somewhat of a conversation starter among our friends and it's been fun to open up others to the difference cooking over real fire. Bottom line, my husband is happy and, despite the expense, the grill was worth every penny. I wish you much success with this excellent product.

Stephanie Kay | Mountainside, NJ

Couldn't Be Happier

I've had my Campfire grill for several weeks now, and I couldn't be happier. It's exactly what I needed to replicate the real Uruguayan/Argentine experience of wood barbecuing. I've installed it in a permanent corner of the backyard so that I can build a fire next to the grill and move hot coals around as necessary. The quality of the grill and hardware is exceptional. I know I'll be enjoying years of service and delicious asides as a result.

Your personal, high-touch customer service was also a rare and welcome part of the purchase process. Thanks again. If you haven't already read it, I'd recommend you pick up a copy of Francis Mailman's 7 Fires book. He's as passionate about wood cooking as we are!

Michael Cabot | Palo Alto, CA

Quality Workmanship

As soon as we unpacked the Bratten 1000 Grill with the Argentine Grill Insert, I realized that, at least to me, an important piece of information was missing from the website. The website shows terrific design and functionality and it talks about the quality of the materials used. But it doesn't say anything about the extraordinary quality of the workmanship!

Your welder is an artist and it may be the best powder coating I've seen. Every aspect of the construction and finish is a pure delight. What a wonderful surprise.

Ross Horowitz | Ithaca, New York

Braten's First Cookout

I was finally able to come up for air last weekend and got the Braten seasoned and ready to go. I haven't cooked with the side box yet, but the grill system worked out great. I threw a few steaks on and had some folks over for the Braten's official christening. They were blown away.

Apparently my father-in-law wouldn't stop talking about it down at the local watering hole. ...My wife already has the menu planned for this weekend.

David Laucirica | Scituate, MA

Campfire Grill—Small Package, Big Success

A couple of months ago I became the proud owner of a 28 foot travel trailer in anticipation of traveling the country when I retire. I recently received a gift of an Engelbrecht Campfire Grill which I tried out for the first time last week. Wow, was I surprised at how good a job it does! For years, I have used a propane grill at home, but my wife has always preferred cooking over charcoal. The ample size of the Engelbrecht Campfire Grill charcoal tray easily accommodates a small bag of Kingsford Charcoal. The wooden handles that screw into the grilling surface make it easy to move to any of the three different adjustable heights… and the heat is easily controlled.

Also, with the heavy-duty "welder" gloves that were included in the packaging, emptying the hot charcoals into the fire pit was a breeze, as well as the quick cleanup of the grill. You'll be interested to know that I constructed a wood frame "box", with latches, so I can store this grill and transport it easily. You can be sure that I'll enjoy many years of using this unique, compact grill.

Bill Taylor | Mahomet, Illinois

An Incredibly Versatile Working Grill and Smoker

The [3000 Series] grill is fabulous, It is a joy to use and I get lots of people coming up to look it over. It draws a crowd where ever I go with it. With the smoker/convection oven I can be cooking an entire meal at the same time or cook many different kinds of meat at one time. I just finished cooking a deboned whole hog, beef rolled roasts, and spare ribs all at the same time. Using cherry wood in the fire box it gave the food a rich flavor that all enjoyed. I have learned how to use the gas burners as well as a wood fire to get the ultimate in flexibility, ease, and taste.

This grill was an investment I had long wanted to do and am certainly glad to have done it. It will not only be valuable to area groups that need help cooking a large amount of food at one time but will bring me lots of enjoyment and new friends that will stop by and visit just to watch it work. Chris sat down with me many times and suggested ideas, tweaked plans, and he ended up building just what I had hoped for.

Dan Froelich | Forrest, IL

All Braten's Features Adds Up to Grilling Excellence

I recently purchased the Braten Campfire and augmented it with the Argentinian insert. I installed the Braten over a stone fire pit, started the fire, and was soon able to grill some excellent rib eye over oak and cherry embers. Turning the wheel allowed me to accurately choose the correct distance for a perfect steak, much easier than trying to control the height/temperature of the fire. The V-shaped channels on the insert capture all the juices into a pan so they can be used for basting.

Assembling is 5 min, the construction is exceedingly sturdy, the quality excellent, and everything can be easily carried by hand / SUV for a camp fire. I looked for alternatives and they were at least 2,000 dollars more expensive and not as mobile. A strong recommendation.

Giulio Tononi | Madison, Wisconsin

Building to my Exact Tastes

I have thoroughly enjoyed my Engelbrecht Grill and especially working with Chris starting with a concept and budget and letting him produce a masterpiece grill. The grill is a work of art but most importantly an incredibly versatile working grill and smoker.

Chris made me a two-tank (one charcoal, one propane) model with smoke boxes attached to each grill. With this setup I can quickly cook burgers and chops over propane or slow smoke some salmon filets or brisket or make moist pork loins or ribs.  With the smoke box on the both units I can cool smoke using smoke alone while I produce a higher heat environment in the second unit. Working alone at a function I produced prime rib, pork loins, salmon, chicken breasts, and bratwurst over a 2 hour period.

An additional propane burner at the front of the grill allows me to make stew, deep fry turkeys or boil some corn. Having upgraded from an old homemade fuel tank grill I appreciated the effortless towing of the well balanced trailer and the easy setup.

The draft control at both intake and exit makes it possible for me to control smoke and air flow and cook at the appropriate temperature and I can economize the use of wood or charcoal. The grill surfaces slide out easily for briquette recharge and are just the right size for one person to maneuver.

The grill draws a crowd of well-wishers everywhere I go.  Toss some apple wood or hickory in the smoke box and let the sweet smoke roll through the unit and you will make new friends.

No doubt I would work with Chris again; friendly service, individualized customizing options, expert craftsmanship, and a high quality product that he stands behind.  Chris is both a barbecue and manufacturing expert and knows how to produce a top-end grill.

Bill Simmons | Urbana, IL

Celebrating My 50th Birthday with a Smoker and Grill

I have dreamed of having a smoker and grill on a trailer for over 20 years.  I turned 50 years old this year and I thought it's now or never.  So I was a smart guy and  I told my wife Jamee that I wanted a Harley for my birthday.   Jamee came back and told me she wanted hardwood floors. We settled on a cooker!  My brother-in-law told me about Engelbrecht Grills and Cookers.  I gave their website a look, liked what I saw and gave Chris a call.  Right from the start I enjoyed working with Chris for my dream cooker.  He listened to all the details I wanted for my cooker, answered every question, returned every call and responded to each email.  And the finished cooker turned out exactly as I hoped.  

I've had the 3000 model about three weeks and have cooked on it every weekend.  For my Mom's 80th  Birthday we grilled chicken for 25 people.  On Labor Day I smoked the best ribs I've ever made, and last Sunday I grilled chicken and baked potatoes for the staff I work with and their families.  The cool part is the versatility of the smoker and grill.  I can cook with charcoal, wood or propane.  The results have been fantastic all three times.  Everyone loves the food and the grill itself is always a big topic of conversation.

Two things were very important for my cooker.  I wanted it to create excellent food and to look excellent too.  I did not want to be embarrassed by the food that came off of it or by the looks of the cooker.  When I invite friends and family over or when I pull the cooker to a party, my goal is to serve the very best food from a well-made and attractive cooker.  The 3000 has hit a home-run in both categories.  Thanks Chris for helping make my big 5-Oh a blast...but I think Jamee is still going to end up with those hardwood floors.

Mike Potts | Champaign, Illinois

Two Cookout Review—Firing Up the Braten

I did fire it up once first to see how to control the it up to about 500 degrees in about a half hour and thought I'd ruined it! But it has good paint and cleans up nice.

We cooked a small butt (less than 3 pounds) 4 1/2 to 5 hours at 200-225°. I took it off when internal temp got to 150 ...wrapped it in foil and set it on top of the grill. Threw in three pieces of firewood and cranked up the temp to 450° and did a "beer butt" chicken in about 50 minutes, added the veggies and put the pork back on the grill to finish it off and all was done at the same time.

Needless to say we got rave reviews and it was easy. Everything was juicy and tender and I can get used to the slow cooking....throw in a handful of hickory chucks..have a beer...throw in more chunks...have a beer, etc, etc! It stayed right on temp and was easy to move and read the dial when I had to sit in my favorite chair about 10 feet away (to monitor the temp!)

- - - -

We have had our grill for about a year (Chris has recently upgraded us to stainless) and wouldn't trade it for anything else!

We recently entertained a couple of media executives from the west coast and we didn't start to cook until after 8PM so it was getting dark. We had the grill sitting at 550 degrees (for at least a half hour) waiting for their arrival. The way our patio is set up you have to walk directly in front of the grill to get to the patio (could feel the heat and see the temp. on the dial) and of course we had to show it off!

Using Chris' tip—Cooking steaks with hickory—we opened the lid to...(Flames): "Wow, you're cooking with wood!" Cooked steaks (almost instantly) over flames with the rack about half way up. It takes some practice, but it's fairly easy to regulate and hold any temperature.

You can cook steaks on any commercial grill, but I don't think you could get the "presentation" value and I don't think I would hold a commercial grill at 550 degrees for any length of time.

We had a party last week for about 50 and we cooked a bunch of ribs,etc.. Needless to say the ashes were well above the grate. Finally cleaned it last about a minute.

Larry Hustedt | Gibson City, IL

The grill arrived last Friday and with a lot of extra muscle, was transported up to my deck. I fired it up and grilled a leg of lamb on the rotisserie. The Grill is amazing! The best Lamb I have ever made and I have been grilling/smoking on the Green eggs for 15 yrs. What workmanship and precision.

Thank you for making me such a great grill/rotisserie and smoker. It was well worth the wait.

Bob Gottlieb | Weston, MA

Thank you so much for quick delivery, I can't tell how impressed we were when we opened the box the grill is heavy duty and made so well! We can't wait for spring to build the base. Our outdoor kitchen will be the talk of the neighborhood, I will pass on your website so the husbands can have a bbq showdown and the wives won't have to cook all summer!!!!

Mary Allen | Bear Creek Township, PA

I love this grill. My neighbors came over to admire it, and one said, "My GOD, this thing is well made!" Every time I uncover my grill, I see some new detail that goes above and beyond, making this a truly remarkable feat of engineering and manufacture. As you know, I smoked pork shoulders the first time I used it, and the 'cue turned out great. Today I made one of those beer can chickens over indirect hardwoods and later today I did T-bone steaks, also over hardwoods, of course. Enjoyed being outside all day, playing with smoke. Love this Engelbrecht grill.

Martha Brinson