Gen IV 1000 Series Braten Masonry Built in Grill

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Make Wood Fire Grilling a Permanent Fixture of Your Home

This 1000 Series masonry built in wood burning grill looks as good as it cooks, and can be tailored to fit any patio setting. The 1000 Series' trademark handweel is the ultimate in heat control, raising the cooking grate with a simple turn. It's the perfect backyard addition for grill enthusiasts. 

Cook on a wood fire any day of the week. The 1000 Series' 10 gauge .1345" thick steel body can take the heat well above 1000 degrees. All of Engelbrecht's grills are manufactured with quality materials and not a single ounce of plastic, so you have a grill that will last generations, in rain, shine or any cooking fire.

Every detail is thought out for longevity, including the finish (1500 degree powder coating, UV resistant coating on the handles), overall build (2000 lb. stainless steel aircraft cable, stainless steel fasteners, stainless steel thermometer, steel body hinges with naval brass pins), and the list goes on.

The Braten masonry grill is nearly as versatile as the Original Braten. You can add the Argentine insert for Parrilla cooking and that south of the Equator taste and the rotisserie for an open pit rotisserie.


  • 3/8" round solid stainless steel cooking grate that is 29" x 17"
  • 3/8" round solid steel coal grate  
  • 10ga. steel hull  
  • 10ga. Steel lid with a calibrateable stainless steel thermometer
  • 2" steel flange on sides and back with four 1/2" holes for mounting  
  • Stainless Steel Utility Shelf with Stainless Hardware and Pegs, Brushed Finish  
  • 1500 degree high temperature powder coated coating
  • Hardwood handles with UV resistant coating on all the dampers and  lid

When building the masonry structure, please consult with a professional mason and always abide by local building codes and ordinances.

Ordering & Shipping

**Winter build only**

We strongly recommend buying and receiving the completed 1000 Series insert before building the masonry structure for this grill. Each grill is hand built and can can have slight variances in dimensions. This allows the mason to use the actual dimensions of the grill for the best possible fit. Also, you'll be able to get a feel to how the grill will set when completed—something that a drawing cannot do.  

Your grill will not start the build process until the order has been placed. Please contact us with any questions or a lead time quote. 

Ships by freight for mainland US customers rate calculated upon checkout. Any accessories included with your order ships free by freight. Final delivery location will be a location accessible to the truck. Example: street level or driveway.

For or international orders, please email us at please provide us you shipping address for an accurate shipping quote. We will then calculate shipping and respond back with instructions on how to order.

Your grill can also be picked up from our Paxton, Illinois facility, contact us for details.