Chris Engelbrecht with red welding mask on is holding part of a grill while welding with blue light reflection

You don’t simply get considered one of the best grills in the world by chance. It takes the right materials, the tools and the craftsman to put them together. It also takes determination, persistence, and ingenuity.

About Us

We Started in a garage

Interesting to say but it’s true. The garage was 20’ square with an 8’ ceiling. And inside it began the desire to build something better than what was commonly available. Engelbrecht was a certified welder working on pressure vessels and pipelines and was also trained as a metal fabricator. He began construction of a grill he wanted in that garage. After construction he would have friends over for a dinner party and the friends seen the grill and wanted one for themselves, and their friends seen the grills and wanted one. And in about a year, there was always a grill being built inside that garage. The once considered hobby soon became a second job.

With the leap of moving out of the garage, Engelbrecht grills evolved into building large trailer-mounted grills as well as keeping the smaller patio versions. What also began to form were the ideas of the small campfire grills and the now infamous 1000 series.

Then 2008 came, the trailer-mounted grill sales slowed to a halt. And the sadness of laying people off became imminent. But also began the determination, persistence and the desire to conquer that hardship. We went back to our roots as metal fabricators and back to the art of metal working, and went back to just building what we wanted, which is a very well crafted American backyard grill.


We can now say our work is proudly displayed in backyards, outdoor kitchens and campgrounds all over our world. Our work has been seen on every major network and been written about in every major newspaper. Our work has been displayed at the White House and it has been a tool in the hands of famous chefs like our dear friend Bobby Flay. However, our biggest pride is when we get an email or a letter from a grill owner explaining to us how much they love the grill and sending us a picture of them and their friends and family enjoying it.


We are the metal fabricators, welders, and machinists who cut, bend, mill and weld the foundation to your grill. We are the sand etchers, powder applicators and oven operators who coat your grill. We are the wood workers who lathe and finish your wood handles. And we are also the assemblers who finally put these pieces together and ship them out the door. We have all been trained in our own area of expertise and continue to advance our learning and utilize new technology. We may be spread all over this land, but we are all Americans building an American grill.

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