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Engelbrecht Gloves

Engelbrecht Gloves

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These heavy duty fireplace and barbecue gloves are designed for protection from the high temperatures of hot objects or utensils. This glove will effectively shield hands from temporary exposure to hot objects or searing radiant heat.

  • Made with premium select split cowhide
  • Full cotton lining with fleece in the palm and back of the hand for added insulation
  • Sewn with Kevlar thread for extra seam strength
  • Fully welted and protected seams for durability
  • Thumb and palm reinforcement straps
  • Self hemmed cuff

Note: While these gloves are designed to provide protection against heat and hot objects, they are not fireproof. They are made of leather and will ignite if kept in prolonged contact with an open flame.

Forged Steel Fire & Ash Rake

Forged Steel Fire & Ash Rake

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Engelbrecht's forged steel fire and ash rake is entirely crafted here in the USA, and truly hand made. Except for the steel foundry making the steel rod, not a single piece of automated equipment was used forming these tools. Styled after an old blacksmith hearth tool, this is the perfect tool for moving logs or burning coals as well as raking ash into the ash container. The rake handle is made from 3/8" steel rod formed with a hammer and anvil. An excellent addition to your bbq pit, grill or fireplace and will give you years of use.

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